Hair Braiding

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African braiding styles are so unique and creative that they allow you to showcase your personality. Because there are so many popular styles to choose from, you can be sure to find one that is perfect for you. You can also experiment with different color without the commitment of dying your own hair.

Some of the most popular styles include micro braids, corn rows, bob braids and kinky twists.

Micro braids are smaller sized braids that can be curly, straight or wavy. These braids tend to take longer to blend with your natural hair, but they can last longer than other braids.

Corn row styles can take from two to several hours, but result in a look you can wear for days, weeks or even months, depending on how you care for your hair.

Bob braids are short and easier to maintain than many hair braid styles.

Kinky twists are by far the most popular style because of their versatility with long or short natural hair.

We also do custom styles. Whatever you can envision, we can do it!

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Hair Braiding Styles

(Box Braids)
$150 and up
Micro Braids
$150 and Up
Free Styles
$150 and up
Invisible Braid,
Bob & Pixie
$150 and up
Tree Braid
(Single Lacing)
$65 and Up
$70 and Up
$100 and Up
Feed-in Cornrow
$80 to 160
$180 and Up

Hair Twist Styles

Gel Twists
$160 and Up
Kinky Twists
$160 and Up
(Afro, Nubian, Spring)
$180 and Up
Yarn Twists
$170 and Up
Havana Twists
$150 and Up

Hair Twist Styles

Sew-in Weave
Locks Maintenance
$50 and Up
Twists Own Hair
$80 and Up
Take Down
Touch Up
Kids Style
-Prices vary