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What’s the Best Human Hair to use for braiding?

natural human hair for braiding

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Braiding hair is an excellent way to express your style and create beautiful hairstyles. But not all human hair works equally when braiding, so it’s essential to know which kind of hair will give you the best results.

Braiding the best human hair for braided styles is usually 100% virgin Remy or unprocessed human braiding hair that has been carefully sorted according to cuticle direction. This type of braiding hair offers superior strength and longevity compared to other varieties, making it perfect for creating long-lasting braided styles.

Furthermore, quality human braiding hair provides a natural look and feel that synthetic hair fibers cannot replicate. You can enjoy gorgeous braided hairstyles with proper care and upkeep without fear of damage or breakage.

Natural Hair Vs Synthetic Hair?

Braiding hair naturally offers many advantages over synthetic hair alternatives. Natural human hair is more resilient and durable, offering a more organic appearance and feel than synthetic fibers. Furthermore, natural braiding hair does not become dry or brittle over time like its synthetic counterparts do, making it the ideal option for long-lasting braided hairstyles.

Furthermore, natural human braiding hair tends to be less prone to breakage than synthetic fibers due to its cuticles all going in one direction, making it simpler for stylists to work with without fear of tangles or split ends. This also makes natural human braiding hair ideal for creating intricate and complex braided designs that would be difficult with synthetic materials.

Natural human braiding hair is the superior option due to its superior quality, durability, strength and flexibility compared to synthetic options. With proper care and maintenance you can enjoy stunning braided hairstyles that last for days with minimal effort.

Kanekalon braiding hair vs Human braiding Hair

When it comes to braiding, natural human hair tends to be the preferred option for best results. However, kanekalon braiding hair can also be an affordable and popular alternative for those seeking a more affordable solution.

Kanekalon braiding hair is made from synthetic fiber, making it much cheaper than natural human hair. Plus, it often comes pre-styled in various colors and textures so you can experiment with different looks without investing in a full head of natural braiding hair.

Kanekalon braiding hair may be more affordable and user-friendly than natural braided hair, it offers less strength and longevity.

Kanekalon fibers are weaker and less durable than human hair fibers; they become dry and brittle over time, leading to breakage or damage. Furthermore, when braided together, kanekalon fibers won’t hold their shape as well as natural human braiding hair, making intricate designs harder to accomplish.

Kanekalon may be an affordable option for those searching for more affordable braiding hairstyles, but natural human hair still holds the edge due to its superior quality and strength that synthetic fibers cannot match. With proper care and upkeep, you can enjoy beautiful braided hairstyles that will last days! In order to make sure that your braids stand the test of time, it’s important to work with a hair braiding salon like Virgo, that knows what they’re doing and can ensure they last longer.

Brands You Can Rely On

When searching for the ideal human braiding hair to complete your braided hairstyle, there is a vast array of brands to choose from. Each offers their own advantages – from Remy to unprocessed and virgin braiding hair – so to help you find the right one, we’ve compiled an extensive list of some of the highest quality human hair brands you can count on.

  • Mayvenn
  • Sleek Hair Extensions
  • Kriyya
  • Real Virgin Remy Human Hair
  • Coachella Hair Collection
  • Cashmere Hair
  • Luxe Beauty Supply
  • Mink Brazilian 8A Grade 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair
  • AlloveMall 9A Grade 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair

Pros & Cons of Human Hair for Braids

Human braiding hair is strong and durable, perfect for creating intricate braided designs. Additionally, it tends to break or tangle less frequently than synthetic fibers which makes styling much simpler.

Human braided hair boasts natural cuticles facing in the same direction, for smoother and shinier braid styles.

Additionally, natural human hair won’t become dry or brittle over time like its synthetic braiding hair counterparts, making it the ideal option for long-lasting braided hairstyles.


1. Strong and durable

2. Breaks and tangles less than synthetic fibers

3. Natural cuticles facing in the same direction for smoother, shinier braid styles

4. Won’t become dry or brittle over time


1. More expensive than synthetic options

2. Can be difficult to style without proper care and maintenance

Conclusion: What’s the best human hair for braiding?

Natural human hair by Remy is the ideal option for creating long-lasting and attractive braiding hairstyles. With so many brands on the market offering quality products in various textures and styles, you are sure to find something that meets your requirements.

If you’re on a budget, Kanekalon synthetic hair may be worth considering; however, its fibers aren’t as strong or long-lasting as natural human hair. No matter which type of hair you select, proper care and maintenance will guarantee that your braided hairstyle looks fantastic day after day!