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When it comes to hair extension services in San Antonio, our team of experienced professionals at Virgo are the premier choice. With years of expertise under our belt, we guarantee your new extensions will look natural and beautiful.

Our different Hair Extension Types‚Äč

Our skilled hairstylists are knowledgeable in all types of extensions. Plus, we stay abreast of the newest trends and materials so that you can experience the most up-to-date techniques. Popular methods we employ include:

  • Sew In: It features the hair being first braided to set up the base for the wefts to be sewn in. We typically use this technique for ethnic hair and hair that can stand the weight and stress that comes with braiding and additional extensions. It is also easy to maintain.
  • Top Pieces: If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning at the top of your head, top pieces can help add volume and thickness. They are secured in place using clips, micro bead, tape, or keratin bands.
  • Headbands & Clip-Ins: Headbands are held in place with micro wire or string while clip-ins keep your hair wefts secured with clips. We offer various sizes and colors to choose from, making them a great option when creating the preferred look for special events when regular maintenance of hair may not be ideal.
  • Micro Link: For those seeking an additional layer of security in their locks, micro links are the perfect solution! These small beads can be worn and taken off without needing heat or glue, making them suitable for those with sensitive skin.

For further inquiries about our hair extension services, feel free to call Virgo Hair Braiding Salon at (210) 596-2909 or (210) 636-3249, or book an appointment online using our convenient form.

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If you're looking for hair extensions that will add length, volume and style to your hair, reach out to our specialists today.